Mentor Program

Below is a comprehensive list of past mentors for the Summer Research Internship. If you are currently looking for a mentor feel free to use this list as a place to start. The list is sorted by department and provides the name of the mentor, their title, and who their past mentees have been. Please visit the UNI Directory webpage to find current contact information.

We also encourage faculty members with a record of quality research activities and publication experience to contact us as mentors. We also ask deans, department heads, and faculty members to refer to us students who meet the requirements of the McNair Scholars Program.

If you are currently a mentor, please use the following link to view the most current Summer Research Internship Faculty Mentor Handbook. If you are looking for SRI forms, please Contact:
Dr. Nievita Bueno Watts, Project Director
or visit us at 2401 College Street, Cedar Falls IA (Honors Cottage)

Departments: Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Curriculum & Instruction, Earth Science, Economics, Educational Leadership & Postsecondary Education, Electrical Engineering Technology, Geography, History, School of Kinesiology, Allied Health, & Human Services, Languages & Literatures, Library Studies, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy & World Religions, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology, Social Work, Special Education


Bart Bergquist
Mentee: Antionette Rodriquez (2008)

Kavita R. Dhanwada
Associate Dean & Professor
Mentee: Brittnie Dotson (2014)

Julie Kang
Associate Professor of Biology
Mentee: Lyn Tackett (2017)

Mary McDade
Mentees: Nina Jackson (2004) & Veronica Zavodny (2005)

Carl Thurman
Mentee: Tasha Hancock (2013)

Chemistry & Biochemistry

John Bumpus
Mentee: Raychelle Burks (2002)

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Carlin Hageman
Department Head & Professor
Mentees: Sonia Ponce (2006) & Alisha Sanchez (2007)

Communication Studies

Computer Science

Curriculum & Instruction

Leigh Zeitz
Associate Professor
Mentee: Lisa Jones (2005)

Earth Science


Hans Isakson
Mentee: Shauntreis Sproles (2003)

Lisa Jepson
Associate Professor
Mentee: Veronica Zavodny (2003)

Educational Leadership & Post Secondary Education

Michael Waggoner
Mentee: Brandi Spates (2008)

Electrical Engineering Technology



Gregory Bruess
Associate Professor
Mentee: Nathan J Gruber (2007)

Emily Machen
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Joanna L Batchelder (2012), Raul I Munoz (2012)

Charlotte Wells
Associate Professor
Mentee: Gemma H Leitz (2012)

Thomas Connors
Associate Professor
Mentee: Gene Morales (2011)

Leisl A Carr Childers
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Niria White (2017)

Michael Childers
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Niria White (2017)

School of Kinesiology, Allied Health, & Human Services

Thomas Davis
Mentee: DeShauna Jones (2005)

Susan Dobie
Associate Professor
Mentees: Cari Dufel (2004), Sharishekas Lamay (2010)

Kevin Finn
Associate Professor
Mentee: Lawrence Daniel (2002)

Mickey Mack
Mentee: Donna Conn (2015)

Languages & Literature

Jennifer Jo Cooley
Associate Professor
Mentees: Vanessa Espinoza (2014), Ramon R Cantu (2011), Ruben A Cruz (2010)

Vince Gotera
North American Review Editor & Professor
Mentee: Amy Yates (2007)

Tammy Gregersen
Associate Professor
Mentee: Tanisha JnBaptiste (2010)

Catherine MacGillivray
Interim Director & Associate Professor
Mentee: Norma Garcia (2013)

Library Studies


Adele Santana
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Darvel J Givens (2012)


Philosophy & World Religions

Scharron Clayton
Associate Professor
Mentee: Rhonda Gray (2000)

William Clohesy
Mentee: Konstanz Kuraz (2000)

Susan Hill
Director & Professor
Mentee: Jamie L Staley (2012)


Paul Shand
Interim Department Head & Professor
Mentee: Jenah Harris (2006)

Political Science

Kenneth Basom
Associate Professor
Mentee: Lakesha Harris (2002)

Ramona McNeal
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Betty Roberson (2009)

Laura Janik
Mentee: Estella B Kamara (2011)

Jill Wittrock
Assistant Director & Asst Professor
Mentee: Aarika Forney (2017)


Seth Brown
Associate Professor
Mentee: Krista Hageman (2010)

Michael Gasser
Mentee: Ron Truelove (2000), Elijah R Seay (2013)

Helen Harton
Mentees: Tyler Bilyeu (2009), Teresa Gansen (2000), Maribel Guevara-Myers (2016), Danielle B Stuck (2012), Leisha Waddilove (Colyn) (2003)

Carolyn Hildebrandt
Mentee: Breanne Healy (2002)

Kim Maclin
Mentee: Joseluis Morales (2008)

Nicholas Schwab
Assistant Professor
Mentees: Mindy N Guajardo (2012), Jesse James Lozano (2012)

Jack Yates
Mentee: Anastasia Coonfare (2000)

Robert Hitlan
Associate Professor
Mentee: Margarita Meza (2016), Manuel Salinas (2013)

Dilbur Arsiwalla
Assistant Professor
Mentee: Stephanie Strong (2013)

Catherine Desoto
Mentee: Jason Fly (2017)

Seong-In Chi
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Mentee: Jason Fly (2017)

Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology

Keith Crew
Associate Professor
Mentees: Diane Kaufman (2004), Juliana Nnonka (2002)

Mark Grey
Mentee: Esperanza Pinto Martinez (2006)

Kristin Mack
Mentee: Brigette Welch (2001)

Social Work

Mary Boes
Associate Professor
Mentee: Hilary Rawlings (2016)

William Downs
Mentee: Iris Montigo (2005)

Special Education

Frank Kohler
Department Head & Professor
Mentee: Cynthia Balark (2001)