Julie (Jewles) Howard

Julie (Jewles) Howard
Champaign, IL
Criminology and Psychology
Expected Graduation Date: 
May, 2019

Jewels Howard is a junior undergraduate, McNair Scholar, as well as a student mentor at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). With specific interests in recidivism, rehabilitation, and overall criminal research, her minor in criminology makes her inquisitiveness in regard to the philosophical world of prisoners within the correctional system ideal. Her intentions are to discover the socio-psychological aspect of prisoners facing lengthy sentences with the juxtaposition of high recidivism and the quality of rehabilitation. Jewels would like to examine the fundamentals of the correctional system, as well as form innovative ideas in order to enhance such system. While in pursuit of her PhD. in criminal psychology, she has received an A.A. in general studies, and will obtain a B.A. in psychology. With a certificate in French, and a four-year-old daughter, Jewels' academic excellence is miniscule to what she has to offer to society. As an active volunteer and client at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, Jewels not only assists those in need, she is of the same need; being a first-generation Afro-American student coming from an impoverished background, she makes an exemplary candidate for the McNair Scholar program. Currently, Jewels is an active founding member of the UNI parenting group, as well as a student mentor for those students facing similar tribulations. Jewels' daily endeavors outside of UNI consist of spending time with her daughter and jumping Double Dutch.