Jason Fly

Jason Fly
Brooklyn, NY
Expected Graduation Date: 
May, 2018

Jason Fly is an undergraduate Psychology major at the University of Northern Iowa. His research interests include the study of resilience and its implications in the prevention and treatment of stress disorders, and cognitive strategies for increasing and inducing empathy. After graduating he plans to seek a Ph.D. in Clinical Science with research concentrated around stress and coping in order to develop clinical tools to prevent the onset of stress-related disorders such as PTSD. He intends to apply the lenses of race, class, and gender to his research in an effort to better understand the interplay of sociocultural differences and psychopathology—thus ultimately bringing more awareness, prevention, and treatment to underserved populations—and to use the principles of Positive Psychology to develop a mental health checklist protocol that can be used in clinical settings as a standard supplement to traditional annual health examinations.